Avro RJ85 & RJ100 v 7.60 Nightly Build

We are proud to release the latest update for our RJ85 series aircraft.  This aircraft, along with our RJ100, has been completely rebuilt giving a more realistic and improved flight experience.  

Both the RJ100 and RJ85 series aircraft are currently undergoing beta testing.  They are fully functional in X-Plane 10 and await your test flight.  We welcome you feed back and comments about our aircraft. 

As this aircraft is completely rebuilt, this update is advised for all our RJ85 and RJ100 subscribed members.  To download out beta aircraft and more simply log in to our site and visit our download center.

13 April 2015

  • Added USAir Livery
  • Improved stability
  • Improved autopilot
  • Improved pedestal
  • Moved FMS to final location
  • And many more.

6 April 2015

  • Corrected the extreme fuel burn issue with the RJ85
  • Switched engine 3 and 4 fuel cut off switches

5 April 2015

  • Improved autopilot control
  • 3D sound adjustments


Share Your Liveries Here

Creating new aircraft liveries an paint files for X-Plane aircraft is simple and can be a lot of fun.  All it takes is some time and inspiration and you too can create you favorite aircraft paint textures for X-plane aircraft.

Have you created an colorful unique aircraft paint for one of our project aircraft?  Why not share your livery creations with us and all out members at the Avroliner Project!  We can't wait to see what you have created!  

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Nightly Build Update!



For all our flight testers - the RJ100 version 7.60 Nightly Build beta 4.15 is available to all RJ100 version 7 members. The March 21, 2015 update includes:

21 March 2015

  • Added the decision height knob.
  • The Distance Bearing Indicator adjusted.
  • Improvements to the Navigation on Display
    • Added selection knob to display:
      • Plan
      • Map
      • Arc
      • Rose
  • C/O button now changes the unit in the IAS/MACH display window.
  • Added QUAD indicator - a four-line LCD display that shows pressurization information.
  • Adjustments made to the engine instrumentation.
  • Adjusted RPM gauge.
  • Adjusted APU’s Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT).
  • Adjusted Feed tank quantity indicators 1 - 4.
  • Adjusted TR1 and TR2 ammeter gauge to show the bus bar load on transformer rectifier1 + 2.
  • Adjusted Generator 1 ammeter to show the load on Generator 1.
  • Adjusted Generator 4 ammeter to show the load on Generator 4.
  • Adjusted APU generator ammeter to show the load on the APU generator.
  • Adjusted Battery ammeter gauge to showing the load on the battery.
  • Adjusted 3D turbine sounds.

18 March 2015

  • Unites Express livery added (no night textures yet)
  • Autopilot manipulators rebuilt allowing for easy adjustments the autopilot knobs.
  • Artificial horizon manipulators rebuilt.
  • Barometric pressure manipulators rebuilt.
  • Panel and instrument brightness manipulators on the panel have been rebuilt.

15 March 2015

  • Fuel system update
  • added fuel transfer to center tanks
  • added fuel transfer from center tanks
  • added cross feed from left to right and right to left tanks
  • Altimeter and artificial horizon instrument position switched.

12 March 2015

  • Updated the Autopilot
  • Updated the FMS
  • Autopilot now tracks course properly
  • Adjusted aileron deflection time
  • Corrected and improved the function of various cockpit gauges and switches.
  • Fixed cabin door animation. (Shift+F1)
  • Air stairs animation fixed. (Shift+F3)
  • Added baggage truck and carts (Shift+F2)
  • Doors, truck, carts, stairs and cargo hatches will not open while in flight.

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Avro RJ70 v7.43

This small but important update includes adjustments to the Autopilot and FMS systems which improve the A/P tracking.  This update is recommended for all subscribed users.  Once logged in, subscribed users can access the udpate via the My Download tab located in the User Menu.


  • 32 And 64-BIT Compatible


    The X-Plane 10.20 update is ready for download and offers many improvements to the flight simulator.  Simmers now have the choice of running X-Plane as a 32-bit application and 64-bit application. 
    The 64-bit version will enable the use of all of your physical RAM, allowing X-Plane to run at higher settings with more add-ons without running out of memory.  
    The Avroliner Project aircraft are fully compatible with both 32 and 64-bit versions of X-Plane.

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